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Roseanna B. 
Loudonville, NY 
They certainly exceeded all of my expectations. My neighbors were watching and were astounded at how clean and organized everything...

Albany, NY
I would like to recognize the gentleman that came out to give me the appraisal for his exceptional service.

Albany, NY
I was most satisfied with the end result.


No matter how minor a roof repair may seem, it can have a huge impact on the structural integrity of your entire house or building. So if there’s an issue with your roof, no matter how small, you have to take care of it quickly before the rest of your property is affected. That’s where S & G Roofing comes in. We provide roof repairs to homes and commercial buildings throughout the Niskayuna area, delivering some of the finest handiwork and customer service around. We also strive for prompt, efficient work so your roofing repair can be finished with minimal interruption to your routine. So whether you need residential or commercial roof repair service, call our team today for help!
S & G Repairing A Roof
At S & G Roofing, we’ve been in the business since 1994. Using more than two decades’ worth of first-hand experience and training, we know what it takes to inspect roofing systems of all kinds and to provide fast, effective roof repair services. Whether it’s a leaking roof repair or a curling shingle replacement, we’ll locate the source of the problem, replace any broken fixtures, and leave you with a roof that’s as good as new. We offer roof repairs for all kinds of roofing systems, including:
  • Shingle roof repair
  • Metal roof repair
  • Flat roof repair
  • And more!

And thanks to our know-how and technical skills, our roof repair company can get to the bottom of almost any problem you put in front of us. Call S & G Roofing if you need a fix for virtually any roofing issue, such as:
S & G Roofing Repairing Shingles
  • Minor problems with fascia and soffits
  • Damaged or missing flashing, including pipe boots
  • Poorly installed flashing by another contractor
  • Shingle breakaways
  • Broken shingle seals
  • Shingle curling
  • Exposed nails and other nonnative materials
  • Damage from wind, hail, and storms
  • Roof valley leaks
  • Leaks due to ice backups, particularly around chimneys
  • Manufacturing defects
  •  And more!
We’re even available for major structural repairs, too. If you need to alter the structure of your roof with framing, custom overhangs, or custom slopes for better drainage, we have you covered. You can rely on our experienced and skilled roof repair company for sound, long-lasting workmanship no matter what.
S & G Workers Repairing A Whole In The Roof
Whether we’re completing a flat roof repair for your commercial office building or a traditional, shingle roof repair for your home, you can rest assured you’re getting some of the most reliable workmanship in Niskayuna and beyond. You can learn more about our roof repair service, including our satisfying labor warranties, when you get in touch with us via phone or e-mail. Get started today!

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