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Roseanna B. 
Loudonville, NY 
They certainly exceeded all of my expectations. My neighbors were watching and were astounded at how clean and organized everything...

Albany, NY
I would like to recognize the gentleman that came out to give me the appraisal for his exceptional service.

Albany, NY
I was most satisfied with the end result.


Whether you need new roofing installation for an older home or a brand-new building, you can call on the professionals at S & G Roofing. Serving the greater Niskayuna area, our roof installers are fully insured and certified by Owens Corning. We’re proud to outfit local homes and businesses with flawless workmanship no matter what. Offering affordable rates, friendly customer care, and a fast turnaround, we’ll provide you with the new roof you need without keeping you waiting or hurting your wallet. Interested in learning more about our experience as a roof installer? Or would you like to hear about our amazing warranties on labor and materials? Talk to one of our roofing installers today!
Albany's Roofing Experts - S & G Roofing
Over 23+ years, S & G Roofing has mastered the most effective process for roofing installation. We’re extremely meticulous, taking great pains to ensure every single detail is exactly right. We never cut corners or take short cuts because we take the quality of our roof installation very seriously. From modest, home roofing installation to large, commercial roof installation, we approach each and every job with the same attention to detail. Here’s what our roof installation process looks like:

  1. If there’s already an existing roof, we prepare the property with tarp protection to eliminate potential damage. Once ready, we rip away the roof, including all of the materials down to the deck of the roof.
  2. After the old roof is removed, we inspect the structure for any damage or weak spots and fix them as needed.
  3. Next, we begin the roof installation with a brand-new drip edge on all perimeters.
  4. Then, we install six feet of an ice-and-water shield on all eves, chimneys, and other areas vulnerable to water penetration.
  5. We also install a synthetic underlayment on the rest of the uncovered decking. Synthetic underlayment is superior to felt paper because it’s reinforced and won’t rip or tear.
  6. We then strengthen the seal on the roof’s edges with a starter strip.
  7. Now, we can install and secure all shingles or other roofing materials (like metal or rubber).
  8. We ensure proper ventilation by installing durable, top-of-the-line synthetic ridge vents capped with shingles. Unlike aluminum ridge vents, our vents cover all nails. Our vents are also much more efficient than rolled ridge systems and allow for better air circulation.
  9. Finally, we check all eves for proper ventilation before moving on.
  10. And no roof installation is officially complete until we clean up and remove all debris from your property! We use a dump trailer instead of a dumpster to haul away debris, so we won’t leave a single trace on your property. Some companies use dumpsters and leave behind a mess, but with S & G Roofing, it’ll look like we were never there.
And remember: We’re also available for complete structural repairs! We can provide you with framing, custom overhangs, custom slopes for better drainage, and more. Whatever it takes to improve the form and function of your roof, we’ll do it.
As an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, we’re certified to install top-of-the-line roofing systems and offer total protection through standard and extended warranties. However, we aren’t limited to only Owens Corning products. We also work with GAF and CertainTeed products wherever they’re most appropriate. Thanks to our impressive skills and access to some of the finest products on the market, we can provide local properties with virtually any type of roofing installation, including:
High Quality Roofing - S & G Roofing
  • Shingle roof installation (3-tab and architectural shingles)
  • Flat roof installation (EPDM and TPO systems)
  • Metal roof installation (aluminum and galvanized metal)
  • Rubber roof installation
  • Small structure/outbuilding roof installation (for sheds, garages, etc.)
  • And more!
So whether you need to replace an outdated roof that has old, curling shingles, or you need brand-new roof installation for a newly constructed building, our roofing installation company is here to help. Our roofing installer crew is big enough to tackle jobs of all sizes, so give us a call for your free consultation. A roof installer from our team will chat with you and discuss your roofing installation project, so we can come up with the perfect solution for you!

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